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We are in love with all of these photos, picking our favorites will be a challenge! We would like to express our gratitude to you for your outstanding work. You guys went above and beyond to capture every single moment, every single angle. It was a pleasure working with you every step of the way. Thank you for making our lives easier and delivering exactly what we wanted. Hashem has truly blessed you both with a magnificent talent, please share it with the world and continue to bring joy to others.
Frum Fine Art Engagement and Wedding Photography Misha Rodionov New York.jpg
wow wow wow!!!!!!!!!!!!
these pictures are unbelievable! thank you so much for the hard work and amazing results. I absolutely love them. You worked so hard the entire day I really appreciate the dedication and creativity!
It is a pleasure to work with you- we really feel that you understand us as a couple.
Amazing. Such great work!!! we are speechless. So very happy with the pics!
Thank you so much! You are a pleasure to work with and your photos are incredible!! We had so much an amazing time last evening. Thank you for making our 11th month anniversary so memorable, we are so blessed to have such amazing talent capturing our simcha!
the photos are so awesome - they came out so well - you made everyone look beautiful, and what was a very ordinary afternoon looks positively magical in your pictures!
thanks so much!! ... Top Banana!
we just went through them all and had such a blast put huge smiles on our faces!

we already tagged 98 favorites :-)
thank you again, so much!
I’m speechless. You are so talented. I really can’t even think of what to say to express how impressed I am with you. Thank you thank you thank you.
Thank you and thank you SO much... The pictures came out perfect- and you and your wife were so wonderful throughout the whole evening. We cannot thank you enough for capturing the most special weekend of our lives thus far.
Wow those are absolutely incredible!!!!! Thank you so much for capturing the most special moment in our lives thus far. You did such an incredible job.
Thank you so much, Misha. These are truly some amazing shots! I can’t stop looking since 4am... kids expressions are priceless!!